Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We are NOT in East Texas!

Have you seen the email that's going around? Seems some folks in Texas are trying to take credit for SC's big alligator! We've had calls from the Texas Department of Natural Resources and from an astute viewer in Alabama trying to verify if it's really from Texas.  Remember the huge one from last year? It weighed 850 lbs and was over 12 feet, but was missing quite a bit of his tail.  I promise you it was taken from SC and the pictures are of Kenneth, my  son, Tristan, and my grandson.The pictures were taken by my daughter, Michelle DiMaio. Kenneth made a rug of the monster and it's now hanging in Summerville. So all you Texans may have the corner on having lots of BIG things, but this big alligator was taken here in good ol' South Carolina! The offending email appears below.

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Unknown said...

There was a real monster that came out of Texas... Killed by a 5 year old. I found it while checking to see if this story was true.