Monday, May 20, 2013

Next Cordray Farms beef harvest will be in June!

Plenty of rain and lots of warm sun grows nice thick grass and delicious clover! Looks like we're expecting to have some cattle ready in June. To reserve a Share, send in $100. For a Side, send in $200. Then we'll call you to let you know when you can pick up the best tasting beef you've ever eaten!

What's the difference between a Share and a Side?
The first big difference is that a Side is much more meat. It is 1/2 of an animal. They are $3.50 per lb. of hanging weight and run about $1200 - $1300. Everything is custom cut for you. We'll give you a call and talk you through the ordering process. You can have your steaks cut exactly as you want them! For more information on Sides, click here.
A Share is 1/8 of an animal. It costs $5.45 per lb. of packaged meat. Each Share is about 55 to 60 lbs. and  about $300 - $350. Each Share is approximately equal and all the cuts are a standard size. Each Share contains all kinds of roasts and cuts and about 25 lbs. of burger. For information on Shares, click here.