Friday, August 1, 2008

Follow-up on alligator processing

We've gotten a little more info on the alligator season. The regulations won't have final approval until late next week, so all is subject to change. But this is what we know now. Alligators taken will need to be labeled with the hunter's tag number. All parts that are preserved through taxidermy will also bear those numbers. The meat will be labeled with those numbers throughout the process and clearly marked as Not For Sale. We'll handle it just like we do your deer, keeping your meat separate and packaging it for you. So when you bring in that big gator, be sure to bring in all your paperwork because we won't be able to do taxidermy work or meat processing for you without that info!
Another note, we've talked here about USDA inspected sites for alligators. USDA inspected plants can sell alligator meat. That status won't apply to alligators killed under this new law by hunters. Meat from alligators taken during this new hunting season will not be for sale. It is treated as wild game, just like deer. Will update info here as we know it.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

More alligator news...

We've had quite a few calls about the upcoming alligator season. What we know right now is that we will be able to process your alligators and do the taxidermy work for you as well! We've got quite a bit of experience with dealing with nuisance alligators for over last 5 years. It's important that you NOT field dress them, since taking the hide is a pretty tricky affair. As soon as we have prices to share with you, we'll post them here.

Alligators are going to add another quality product for Cordray's.
Be sure you get the best!