Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ellen cooks Hamburger Patties!

We fired up the grill again tonight for some hamburgers.  The way Cordray's has the patties pre-made and individually frozen in a package of 6 was such a time-saver this evening!  We grilled the burgers just how they came out of the package.  They stayed pretty close to their original size, making a good-size meal out of each one.  Since the burgers were sized so generously, the package of 6 burgers fed my family with some to spare.  We served them as cheddar cheese burgers with a little mesquite bbq sauce on top.  Delicious! 
This meal was a big hit with everyone- the guys all loved the hearty burgers and I loved how quick the meal was to prepare.  Awesome burger and now I am in love with these ready-made Cordray's patties!  =)
Happy cooking,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lunchbreak gobbler! Kenneth of Cordray's Taxidermy got this big Tom!

All our cows sported stockings just a few weeks back.

It seems like ages ago, but just a few weeks back we were in the middle of a very WET and MUDDY winter. This cow shows traces of the mud stockings that covered every animal we have. I'm sure all the people I know are glad for warmer, dryer weather, but what if you had to tromp through it every day? Now all the cows are getting fat eating spring rye grass and dozing in the sunshine! It won't be long before we'll FINALLY have some Cordray Farms Beef! Stay tuned...

From Ambrose Family Farm: HELP Tons of Strawberries for PYO!

I have attached some pictures of the strawberries we have available for Pick Your Own!  Pete has asked for HELP.  His plea is for each of you to come to the farm and pick strawberries and also to pass the word in your office, neighborhoods, churches, schools etc about the strawberries.  There are literally "TONS" of berries ready to pick and getting riper each moment.  He is distraught about losing the berries, it breaks my heart to see him so worried and frustrated and sad to see 'his babies' go bad.

Help us spread the Word.  Print the attached map & info and post it in your office, school room, church, business, etc.  Email it to everyone you know. 

$2/lb pick your own-organically grown
Mon-Sat  9am to 6pm
Sunday-  Noon to 5
559-0988 Farm
559-9999 Stono Market

Babs Ambrose

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I wanna hold your hand!

If think you've got what it takes to hold hands with a really BIG alligator, be sure to go online at SC Department of Natural Resources to apply for tags for the 2010 Alligator Season. Application process begins on May 1st!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Remember our buffalo?

This beefalo is half cow and half buffalo. She runs like a buffalo and is smart just like her dad. Just yesterday all the cattle were standing at the fence waiting for us to open the gate for them to go in the rye grass pasture. The whole herd, except for this one, stood by the gate, bellowing to beat the band. She jumped the ditch and walked all along the fence line looking for a weakness in the fence. She made the circuit, didn't find a short cut and then cut back across the ditch and was first in line on the green grass!