Monday, October 22, 2012

Starting him out early... We had a new cutter when Trenham joined his daddy and Pops at the cutting table this am.

Eli Smoak got the royal treatment at the hands of his cousin, Bailey Dukes.

Nathan Daniel got a 7 point with a kicker!

Cord Smythe brought in this nice buck this morning.

Charles Waring's 8 point buck weighed 155 lbs.

Dennie Metts got a 9 point that weighed 180 lbs.

Steve Stacey got his first deer with Jim Detorre, an 8 point.

Michael Johnson got a 9 point for his first deer with Cameron Beard.

MacKenzie Patrick joined the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame.

Jim Sanyi got a big 6 point.

Kent Weikel brought in an 8 point.

Leon Taylor got this nice 8 point. He brought it in for a mount from Cordray's Taxidermy.

These two guys drove up with feet sticking out the window of their Range Rover!

Reece Gorrie got her first deer with her uncle, Tom Johnson!

Linda Dane got a 6 point.

Jeff Mitchum got a 9 point.

Jason Bailey's first bow kill was an 8 point. He brought it in to Kenneth at Cordray's Taxidermy for a skull mount.

Andrew Landgrebe

Cordray's Missing Persons

Why are they missing? Well, there could be lots of reasons. We might have the wrong phone number. We might have been leaving messages with an ex-wife or old girlfriend who no longer cares if he gets his hard earned venison! We might be getting a busy signal every time. The hunter may have lost his cell phone and gotten a  new number. Whatever the reason, we can't get in touch with these folks to tell them their wildgame order is ready.

Why don't we just sell it to the hundreds of people who ask to buy the "unclaimed" meat or mounts? It is against the law for us to sell it to you. They can give it to you if you contact them, but I can't sell it to you.

So, please help! If you know any of these folks, give them a call. Tell them we're looking for them or even better ask them for their permission to come on by and get it yourself!

 J.T. Smythe
Calvin Edwards
J.T. Dennis
Gus Covington
Shawn Cassidy