Cordray Farms Beef Sides

All Natural, Grass Fed, Grain Finished 
We're taking reservations now. Send in your $200 check to reserve yours and we'll call you for the cutting directions.  Add your name to the email list if you want to stay informed on our beef availability.
We raise our  cattle without added chemicals, hormones, or animal byproduct laced feeds. Each carcass is dry aged at least 14 days and taste tested to determine the perfect cutting day.  Then your beef is cut according to your custom cutting order, vacuum sealed and frozen to assure it's perfect for your table.

Sides: $4.05 per lb. hanging weight
Estimated Side weights: 300-325 lbs..

Need help?  We can walk you through the custom order process.  Do you want all the steaks you can get?  Do you use beef for stir-fry? Shish kabobs?  Need hamburger in patties or bulk? We'll help you determine just what you need. Call us at  843.766.7922.
To help you visualize the amount of cut beef that comes from a side, consider that it is the equivalent of 4 Beef Shares.