Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bear with me...

I'm trying some new things with the blog. I guess you noticed. Our stats show that we are still having about 1000 unique visitors a month even in the off-season, so you are still there! I'm going to use the blog to show you around Cordray Farms. When you buy Cordray Farms beef, I think it will be cool to know what all goes into the whole process. So bear with me. Sometimes my first grade teacher past is oh, so apparent, but I since I give you dead deer pictures on demand in the season, surely I can share some baby birds?
I'm also adding some advertisers. We tried this once before, but weren't happy having Google send us questionable ads from off. Our ads will be from people or products we know and use. Most are fellow deer customers, and dear customers! If you're interested, let me know ( and I'll send you more info on stats and prices.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Want to know how long you have to wait?

Scroll on down to the bottom of this blog any time you want to check on exactly how long until the opening minute of the opening day of the 2009 Deer Season in the Lowcountry of SC!

Ever have a day like this?

Rachel's learning to graze. She still takes 2 bottles a day, but we tie her out for a few hours by whatever tasty patch of clover is nearby. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of maximizing her freedom. By the way, if we let her loose, she follows us in the house!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Take a few minutes to howl at the moon tonight. Just 4 more until deer season begins!

Keeping our fingers crossed!

We are hoping that last night's frost didn't kill off the pasture grass. Michael's still feeding hay to all the cows, but they are beginning to have some green pasture. If the frost didn't get it, our estimated date for Cordray Farms Beef is still on track, hopefully just a few more weeks! If you'd like notification for when it's available, visit our beef page and sign up for the email list. Don't worry! I don't have time to send out a bunch of spam, so we'll just contact you to let you know when beef sides or shares are available.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Processing Wild Hogs?

Are you hunting wild hogs during springtime? If you get one, we can process the meat for you. We don't have a skinning crew on hand, but if you can skin and clean them, we'll process them into pork chops, ribs, sausage - whatever you like! Be sure to call (843.766.7922) to arrange to have someone here to meet you when you check in. Taxidermy on wild hogs is also available.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A bucket of chicken?

I left the chicks at their new endeavor, scratching for corn scraps, just a little late one day last week. The warm spring day slid into a cool evening and the chicks found a feed dish. Facing the cold winds? Hunker down with a few of your friends!