Saturday, July 5, 2008

Alligator season?

As I visited the Edisto Serpentarium last week, the talk turned to the upcoming alligator season. The season for 2008 is September 13 to October 11. Be sure to check out the SC DNR page for information on this very limited and pretty complicated season! We'll be glad to process your gators for you, too. If you've never had it, alligator meat is a mild light white meat that is surprisingly good. I was expecting something fishy, but it tasted chickeny!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First set of Cordray Farms Beef Shares are in the pan!

The first set of beef shares has gone out! As many of you know, we've started something new here at Cordray's. In the past, we only had beef to sell during deer season, Aug. 15 to January 20. In the off-season, you had to buy by the whole side. Several of you really gave us this idea! We had several groups of friends who'd get together to buy a side, but the problems always been the dividing. Now Michael will split a whole animal and box the shares evenly, so each family gets an equal share of the best steaks and roasts. So how did it go? If you were in that first group and received a beef share, let us know what you think. How are the portion sizes? What could we do better? If you've never had farm raised, all natural beef that is dry aged, you'll notice the different- read "better!"- taste right away. Tell us what you think.
One lady came back time after time during deer season because she told us Cordray Farms beef tasted like "beef". I guess my confused expression encouraged her to explain. She's been raised in a family that butchered their own farm grown beef and had been missing the real taste of "unfiddled with" beef since she'd left home!