Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kaylin Compton got dunked by her dad when she brought in her first deer!

Cain Markosky brought in a 10 point buck that he took with his bow!

Kim Craven's 9 point was her very first deer! She got dunked!

Jeff Rowell

Trey Evans brought in his first deer!

Tristan is my dentist - and my oldest son - but hopefully he won't use this big pry bar on me! Tristan's gator was 10 feet long.

Tristan Cordray is joined by his boys, Banks and Case, as he shows off his big bull gator!

Scott Mitchum

Red Bluff Lodge loaded us up on gators!

For more information, click here to contact Red Bluff Lodge.

Casey Blizard

Francis Lavelle brought in his first deer with Corey Turner!

Corey Turner

Briar, Jack, Banks and Britton Ellenberg all stopped by to celebrate Briar's first deer. He got a 115 lb. 8 point.

Mike Cochran brought in an 8 point!

James Vardell took this 10 point on property managed by Lee Taylor Properties.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New option for skull mounts. On driftwood!

Taylor Outdoors guides alligator hunts to find the big bull gators. Give them a call!

For more info., click here.

Haley Stone brought in her first deer and took her dunking!

Jesse Jones got a 10 point!

Sable Jones got her first deer and got dunked with the help of Adam Harbin!

Scott Rider and his crew brought in this 8 and 1/2 foot beast!

Terri Rowe's thinking how cool that alligator rug mount is going to look in her living room! Terri and her husband went to Taylor Outdoors and had Brad Taylor guide them to this beauty!

Get more information on Taylor Outdoors here.

Gina Strickland brought in her first deer with her dad! She got dunked to join the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame.