Saturday, October 9, 2010

Austin Rhodes got his first deer!

Austin Nance

A J Farone

Alvin Taylor

Gregg Davis was dunked with the help of her new husband, Jason!


Brent Williams

Chirs Dorsey's alligator was over 8 feet!


Confession time...

If you've been here at night any time in the last week, you know it's been a little crazy! So, I've gotten behind on the photos AND we haven't labeled them too well. But rather than not putting up your photos I'm going to post them and hope someone will recognize who they are! Send me the names, please!

Cameron Parker shows off his first buck with his dad, Chip Parker.

D. F Jenkins

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scott White

Lee & Richard Orvin

John Dukes

Jeremy Burnham brought in this 8 ft. alligator

Kenny Beckman

Chris Alpert joined the First Deer Hall of Fame!

Chuck Armstrong

J.B. McCarty

Shelley Haug

James Stoughton

Stephen Busby

Jimmy Burk

Just added a new Venison Chili Recipe!

Click on the Venison tab above to see this new recipe sent in by Pinkney Mikell. Looks delicious!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Please HELP!

It's that time of year again! This year we're having a bumper crop of deer and wild hogs AND alligators! So our freezer is jam packed! May I ask for your help?
  • Please come to pick up on your due date or earlier if we call you! We really appreciate that many of you drive a distance to bring us wild game, but we just can't wait for your next successful hunt for you to pick up. We try to call everyone and remind them of their pickup date, but when it gets this busy it's just impossible to keep up, so hold on to your orange card to find out your due date. It's never more than 2 weeks from your kill date.

  • Please understand if we must insist that you can't leave another deer until your others are picked up. If you give deer away to friends, please make sure that they know they might be keeping you from having your next deer processed if they don't come on time. We really hate to turn away good customers, but there's only so much space available and we can't take deer in if it doesn't go out!
And finally, please excuse us if we're grumpy! Last week we were open 97 hours. We have about 3 different shifts going per day, but Michael, Kenneth and I are here for them all. It's all part of the fun, but sometimes I know we aren't as patient as we should be. We'll try to do better!
This photo is of boxes waiting for pickup. Maybe we'll make a rule that only the very skinny guys can go in there to get boxes! The scary thing is this is just Wednesday. There's way more to finish before Saturday!

Tail and Scale Outfitters are back with a nearly 9.5 footer brought in by Donnie Williams!

Andrew Jones got an 8 foot alligator with the help of Brad Taylor at Taylor Outdoors!

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Chase Limehouse and Lee Tiller

Dillon Parham

Garrett McGrady

Carl Graack