Alligator Recipes

 Alligator Meatballs from Tail and Scale Outfitters:

Make small (one inch) round meatballs of the sausage. Pan fry them until done. (Alligator meat does not "brown". It becomes a light grey color, but never really "browns" to a crunchy brown color.)
Place the cooked meatballs in a crock pot and cover with your favorite BBQ sauce. Jordan suggests Sticky Fingers brand. Cook on low until well heated through. They can also be cooked on low heat in a shallow pan in the oven. Either way, they're delicious!

Alligator Cube Steak:   I often ask our repeat alligator customers for their advice on cooking alligator meat.  Many folks cook the alligator cube steak on the grill. Marinade overnight in any good quality marinade. Oriental flavors with a citrus base seem to be the favorite. Grill over medium coals until done.
Cordray Brothers Alligator Sausage: Any recipe that calls for ground sausage will work great with our special blend of alligator sausage.  One family we know says they make very thin patties and quick fry them for breakfast. Another customer uses the dirty rice mix from the grocery store and adds browned alligator sausage  for a delicious side dish. If you have favorite recipes, let me know and I'll share them with our readers!

Cordray Brothers Alligator Sausage Casserole

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9X13 casserole pan.

1 pack of Cordray Brothers alligator sausage
9 Cordray Farms eggs
24 oz. of shredded hashbrowns
10 oz. of shredded Cordray's cheese (Save a little for sprinkling over the top.)
3/4 cup milk
4 tablespoons of melted butter

Brown sausage until fully cooked. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Pour combined ingredients into bakeware. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Cook at 350degrees for one hour until heated throughout. Try this recipe with any Cordray Brothers sausage from venison or pork.


Cordray Brothers Alligator Sausage Dip

1 pack of Cordray Brothers Alligator Sausage
1 can of mild Rotel tomatoes, undrained
8 oz. of softened cream cheese (or Velveeta Cheese)

Brown the sausage meat until fully cooked. Combine together sausage, cheese,  and can of tomatoes. Melt and mix in microwave until thoroughly mixed.  You may keep it warm in a crock pot on low for a party mix. Can also be made with any Cordray Brothers sausage in venison or pork. If you enjoy extra spicy, Rotel offers a hot flavored tomato mix as well.