Thursday, April 21, 2011

Want some Cordray's applewood smoked bacon?

Hi, Folks!
We made some famous applewood smoked bacon! We'll be open today, Friday and Saturday 9 to 5 - or as long as it lasts! We've also got Cordray Brothers linked sausage, and spare ribs.
Cordray Farms Beef available: snack sticks, NY Strip steaks, beef liver, Ribeye steaks, cubed steaks, briskets, sirloin tip steaks, and burger.
If you want something specific, give me a call and I'll check the freezer case for you!

For your pets - we have raw Cordray Farms ground dog food available in frozen 1.5 lb chubs. It's made from our all natural beef trimmings and has nothing else added. Our dogs love it! Yours will too!

An update on Cordray Farms Beef Shares: Everyone who is on the list now should get their Shares by mid-May. We are taking reservations now for 2 Sides that we'll have ready for late May and Shares that will be ready in mid-June. Send in $200 to reserve a Beef Side or $100 for a Beef Share (1/8th of a cattle).
Have questions? Give me a call - 766.7922.
Cordray Farms
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