Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can you help us contact these people?

Ok, here's a new list for December. You've been great at hunting them down - no pun intended! So please light 'em up and tell them to call us (766.7922) so we can shut down this freezer! We don't have regular hours, so they'll need to talk with someone before they come.

Travis Batten
Bubba Carroll
Khalin Haynes
Jamie Herbert Korbisch - don't have a number for him
Nick Lawton
Anthony Rhodes
Perry Stafford
John Sloan

These are old ones who STILL haven't come:

Jerald McCann from October

from November
Trey Courtney
Shelton Middleton and Adam King
David Lawson
Christopher Brown

Friday, January 21, 2011

That electric meter is still spinning! The freezers will be shut down by Monday!

Thanks to everyone who came on time to pick up their orders and to all of you who helped us contact those that forgot! We've got just a handful of boxes left in these huge freezers and they've got to go! We'll be here all day today to let you pick up your orders, 9 to 7 pm. Our goal is to shut down the freezers by Monday for repairs and to get ready for the upcoming beef harvest.
So if you have meat here, please come today!