Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Cordray's has Easter Hams and more!

Easter Hams are ready! We have those delicious fully cooked applewood smoked pork hams that you loved at Thanksgiving and Christmas ready just in time for Easter. They're 15 to 17 lbs. hams. Wholes are  $3.79 lb. and halves are $4.29 lb.

Cordray Farms Beef is ready too! 
Burger Boxes: 30 lbs. of ground beef in 1.3 lb. chubs and 10 lbs. of burger patties for $6.35 per lb. ($255 per box) These are ready for pick up now.

Cordray Farms Shares: A Cordray Farms Beef Share is 1/8 of an evenly divided steer.  A share contains standard cuts of steaks, roasts, stew beef, cube steaks, short ribs and hamburger.  A share is approximately 65 - 70 lbs.  Every cut is vacuum sealed and frozen. $6.65 per lb. (approx. $450) Leave a cash or check deposit of $100 and we'll call you in a few weeks when yours is ready.

Cordray Farms Sides: A Side is half an animal. Each carcass is dry aged at least 14 days and taste tested to determine the perfect cutting day.  Then your beef is cut according to your custom cutting order, vacuum sealed and frozen to assure it's perfect for your table. $4.45 lb. Pre-cut weight. (approx. $1650)  Leave a cash or check deposit of $200 and we'll call you to get your cutting order.

Cordray Farms Cuts: Individual cuts, beef bones, briskets and pet treats are frozen and ready in the meat case.

The chickens have gone back to laying so we have plenty of farm fresh eggs. $4 per dozen

We even have some applewood smoked bacon to round out your breakfast plans!

So come on out and see us during our off season hours - Monday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm.

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