Friday, September 3, 2010

Jack Hoy with a 9 point

Tristan Cordray took this unusual reptile, a Ravenel Triceratops!

Have you seen a wild panther?

We get stories all the time that people have seen and heard panthers, usually black ones, in the Lowcountry woods. We even have our own sightings. I've heard of calves in treetops and deer dragged for distances and covered in brush. However, in 18 deer seasons no one has ever provided  a photo. With so many people using game cameras for scouting, you'd think someone somewhere would have a picture if they really do exist. We've seen plenty of bears, armadillos, poachers, and big dogs. Why no cats? But come to think of it, I haven't seen coyotes on game cameras either and I know they're in this area.
If you have an interesting game camera photo, send it in and I'll share it with our readers. And if you have a picture of those really BIG cats, I'd really like to see it.I won't share any information on where the picture was taken, but please limit them to Lowcountry SC.

Chad Schaffer

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It took a little while, but he got dunked!

Taylor Kuntz got his first buck!

Taylor Kuntz

Nice comment on our latest post on wildgame processing at Cordray's!

My compliments to all of you on today's post regarding food safety efforts that ya'll use.   That is exactly why I taken the extra drive time to bring my meat to you all these years.  
Keep up the good work!

Cordray's: Making a Committment to Safety

At Cordray's we strive to help you get the most from your deer. Over the last 18 years, we have continued to add safety features to ensure the proper handling of your meat. Because wildgame is harvested differently than beef and pork products, our safety and handling procedures must be more diligent than your standard butcher shop.
Our part of the commitment to your safety...

  1. Our Number One priority is to provide for your safe and edible venison. Because of that, there are times we will refuse to process a deer that is diseased, in poor condition, or has been mishandled in the field. You get only your meat back in all your cuts, raw ground burger and sausage. You can be sure you're feeding your family safe clean venison, wild hog, or alligator. We batch cook our smoked products because of the large recipe requirements. Nothing comes through our door that we would not eat or feed our families. When you visit our facility, you will see that we stress cleanliness and safety in every phase of processing. We will not take chances with our name or your health.

  2. We will skin, wash and chill your deer to 34°F to help protect the meat. Our coolers are monitored constantly for temperature control. No unskinned carcasses are hung in our coolers, so the risk of contamination from hair, fecal matter, ticks and lice ends in the skinning room.

  3. All your ground meat is ground with a grinder equipped with bone extractors that catch lead shot and bone chips as the meat is ground. Our meat cutters are trained to check and recheck all cuts for possible bullet fragments. Please be sure to tell us if you know of a missing arrow or blades.

  4. Equipment cleanup is handled with high pressure steam sprayers and anti- bacterial washing.

  5. Our smoked products are electronically monitored to ensure adequate cooking time and temperature. All products reach an internal temperature of 165°F to reduce the danger of E. Coli, listeria and other pathogens.

  6. Members of our staff have attended training in safe meat handling and safety through Clemson University and the American Association of Meat Processors.
Michael C.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jack Hoy

Bailey Kuntz

What's the biggest buck Cordray's has ever had?

Bill McKinnon took a huge buck with the dressed weight of 158.2 lbs. in September of 2008. It weighed 253 live weight. Right now, the 2010 Big Buck is a 123.6 lb. dressed weight buck taken by James Stoughton on Saturday, the 28th.
Over the years we've been keeping track of such things, almost all of the Big Buck winners have come in August and September. It's hot, but it's worth it to get the big guy in his prime!