Saturday, June 18, 2011

We have Cordray Farms Beef Shares ready to pick up NOW!

Hello, Friends!
Those of you who've been friends for a while know that we keep a reservation list to try to fairly meet the demands of our loyal customers. Often folks wait for months before we have Beef Shares available. But I've got GOOD NEWS!  Finally, we've caught up! We have 4 Cordray Farms Beef Shares ready to pick up NOW! We don't have regular store hours this time of year, but give us a call and we'll open up for you. These are first come, first served, so don't worry about a deposit, just let me know when you can come by.
We've got another beef harvest coming up with Sides and Shares ready in about 3 weeks (mid-July). To reserve yours from that batch, please send in your deposit check - $100 for Shares and $200 for custom cut Sides.

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For more information on sharing beef with Beef Shares, click here.
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