Friday, July 12, 2013

33 Days until deer season - then 30 more days until alligator season!

Harry Bissell

Friday excitement - This is not a smart animal...

I wonder what he was thinking..."Duh, think I can lick the back of this tree trunk?" We found him like this this morning and from the looks of the ground around him he might have spent the night up close and personal with this tree. Convincing him to calmly lower his head and back out was interesting. He's out now though. I'm betting he'll give that biting tree a wide berth!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Victoria Poole got this big Tom Turkey!

36 Days!

FREEDOM! (Think Dave Ramsey's yells.)

Just thought you'd like to see what happy hens look like!
I keep my chickens in a movable chicken coop and close them up at night. In the late mornings after more of their egg business is done, they get to escape and do what chickens do. They are always truly excited to get some FREEDOM! They especially love all these puddly days we've been having as the bug crop is booming.

We left town over the weekend and came back to 5 new baby chicks and two baby goats! Sort of glad we didn't stay longer :)

These little guys were all alone in the pen and no one seems to be claiming them. I've started them on bottles so if they make it, they'll probably greet you at the door!