Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ready for hatching!

I've candled all the eggs with my trusty wildlife watching spotlight and all the eggs are growing! Couldn't get a photo of it but each has an air sac at the end. No peeping noise yet, but should hear that by tomorrow.
For the last 2 days you have to not turn them, increase the humidity, and let them sit on their side. So this is how we wait out the last 48 hours. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring has sprung at Cordray's!

Or at least it seems so. The warm temperatures are great for our real crop - GRASS! This time of year we move the cows often. It's technically called rotational grazing.

See, I really do read "Progressive Farmer"! They get moved from pasture to pasture so the grass has time to recover and the cows get new healthy tender shoots. They seem to love the change of scenery and usually only take 2 or three steps into a new pasture before putting their heads down to munch. All this eating gives us hope that we'll be able to honor our April beef promise! Stay tuned for updates!