Saturday, September 24, 2011

Word has it that Amanda Leonardi had a baby girl, 8 lbs. 15 oz., the day after she took her first deer!

Marc Wooster, Aran Palanisamy, Jay Wooster and Marc Wooster are all smiles as they show off this 9.5 ft. bull alligator.

Just weighed the head and hide of the big gator from yesterday - no meat, no bones - weighed 189 lbs. WOW!

Kaytlin Clark picks up her alligator wallet for winning the BUCK OF THE WEEK!

Tripp Riesen got a big 8 point calico buck. He caped it himself and brought it in for Kenneth to mount, so our pictures are just of the cape.

Ned Jennings brought in a 7 foot alligator!

Kelsey Pritchard joined the Cordray's Hall of Fame! She got dunked with the help of her dad, Kevin Pritchard.

Ty Babb got an 8 point!

Aimee McShane brought in this 6 point.

Thomas Henry shows off his nice buck with his dad and his best friend, Edward

Chad Huffman's alligator had a beautiful striped skin!

Peter Tascione got this big 10 footer!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marvin Infinger's buck weighed 186 live weight and had 10 points and kicker!

Danny Stewart got a 7 point that weighed 207 lbs live weight and 129.4 lbs. dressed weight! He's the buck to beat this week!

Larry Henneberry 7 point weighed 160 lbs.

Chris Wilson got an 8 point!

Ken Speight got this nice buck last night!

Dale Fox got an 8 point!

Fleetwood Hassell got a big 7 point!

Charlie Crosby's buck had 8 points!

Rick Horton brought in a 7 point buck!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yesterday Kenneth, Steven and Joseph skinned 42 feet of alligators! Up to 27.5 ft. today.

Allen Felix got his 9.5 footer with Tail and Scale Outfitters. It was missing part of its tail, so was probably a 10 footer. It weighed 276 lbs.

As always, click on the title link to find out more about Tail and Scale Outfitters.

William Rotz and his buddy both got 9.5 ft. alligators with Tail and Scale Outfitters! This one weighed 214 lbs.

Don Costello's alligator weighed 164 lbs. and was 8.5 ft. long.

Josh Jackson is the BUCK OF THE WEEK LEADER so far... 120 lbs dressed weight. Contest for Cordray's Wardrobe ends Sunday night.

Irby Koger got this nice buck!

Gerie Martin was sporting this big buck when she came to see us last night!

Do you know who's cooking your snack sticks?

All of the products we make are cut and cooked right here under our careful supervision. Your meat is NEVER transported to other processors. Any time you'd like a tour of what we do, just ask. We'll be glad to take you through every part of the plant! Remember, your venison, wild hog, and alligator are only as safe as your processor!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A funny alligator story...

Two young guys came in with an alligator. They said they both had tags. They'd gotten the first one, about 8 feet, last weekend and tried to skin it themselves. After a few hours, they decided this was WAY too much like work. They started calling around trying to find someone to finish the job, but no one would tackle a half started job. They went back to work to finish the skinning the alligator, cutting out the meat, trimming, and packaging it for freezing. It took HOURS.  Early this week, they came in bringing us Alligator #2, a 10 footer. They backed up to the door. We unloaded it, weighed it, took their photos and their order. They walked out the door about 20 minutes later with a  2011 alligator sticker, new Cordray Alligator cap, and their appointment to pick up the packaged meat on Saturday and their trophy mount in April. As they walked out the door, I heard one guy say, "Man, oh Man! This one sure was easier than the last!"

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Taylor Outdoors guided Mike Raley to this 9.5 footer!