Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Cordray Farms news

Hello Friends, I wanted to reassure you that we are still up and working amid all the this! We've even added some new products to help those that find their regular grocery stores empty. Up to the minute prices and availability can be found on our Cordray's Facebook page.
Cordray Farms Beef: This is our farm raised beef.
We have Burger Boxes available now. #30 lbs of bulk burger for $6.35 per lb.
We've got plenty of fresh burger at $7.50 per lb.
We're taking reservations as usual for Share and Sides.
We have snack sticks and jerky in the meat case and roasts in the freezer.
Other meats:
Easter hams are ready. Wholes are $3.79 per lb.and halves are $4.29.
Fresh Pork: We have all kinds of ground sausage, applewood bacon, pork chops, Boston butts and spareribs,too.
We're open Monday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm. We'd be glad to take your order on the phone and bring it out to your car if you'd like. We're being very careful limiting the number of folks in our store, sanitizing between customers and doing some serious social distancing! We hope all is well with you and yours!
Michael Cordray

Cordray Farms
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