Friday, December 9, 2011

Carlton Berry won last week's BUCK OF THE WEEK!

BUCK OF THE WEEK (12/5 to 12/11): Just in time for Christmas! Win a fully cooked applewood smoked whole ham for bringing in the biggest buck.

Each week we will announce the prize for the week. Anyone who has a deer skinned and processed here at Cordray's is automatically eligible to win. Winners are determined by the highest dressed weight of the week. You must claim your prize when you pick up your meat.

BUCK OF THE WEEK prize for 12/5 to 12/11

Just in time for Christmas! Win a whole fully cooked applewood smoked pork ham!

Stay tuned to this blog to see if you are one of our 20 winners!

We will not have an overall yearly winner, just weekly winners. To receive your prize, you must pick up your meat within a week of the due date. If you have someone else pick up your meat, please be prepared for them to pick up your prize on that day. We are not able to hold prizes for you.
Week one: Will Freeman dressed wt.153.4
Week two: Jordan Singleton dressed wt. 129.8 lbs 
Week three: Adam Bernshausen dressed wt. 129.4  lbs.
Week four: Stanley Gamble dressed wt. 122.8 lbs.
Week five: Kaytlin Clark dressed wt. 124.4 lbs.
Week six: Danny Stewart dressed wt. 129.4 lbs.
Week seven: Ray Speights dressed wt.117.6 lbs.
Week eight: John Sparkman dressed wt. 113.6 lbs.
Week nine: Bert Sorin dressed wt. 130 lbs. 
Week ten: Roper Jenkins dressed wt. 125.4 lbs. 
Week eleven: Dee Meador dressed wt. 113.6 lbs. 
Week twelve: Paul Speights dressed wt. 127 lbs. 
Week thirteen: Chris Papera dressed wt. 109.6 lbs. 
Week fourteen: Lars Runquist dressed wt. 106.2 lbs. 
Week fifteen: Cody Bazzle dressed wt. 102.4 lbs. 
Week sixteen: Carlton Berry dressed wt. 97.4 lbs.

Adding fresh Cordray Farms ground beef to the case...

Stop by for fresh all natural Cordray Farms ground beef - while supplies last!

Cordray Farms
Cordray's Venison Processing
6708 County Line Rd.
Ravenel, SC 29470

Fresh Cordray Farms ground beef just added to the meat case!

This is fresh, never frozen ground beef in 1.3 lb. chubs. It's burger like you'll never forget!

Jamison Leigh took the plunge to join Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame!

Rick Hiott brought in a double!

Baines Lathbury got a doe for his first deer! Here's his induction into the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame!

It's NEVER cold enough here to leave your deer or wild hog overnight without field dressing it!

If you can't get your animal to us in the evening, be sure to field dress it. (Open carcass right below the ribs and pull all the guts out.)   If it's going to get above 32 degrees, stuff some bags of ice in the body cavity to begin the cooling process. Think about it. At every beef and pork facility, animals are gutted, skinned, and cooled within 30 minutes of slaughter. Why should deer, especially ones that may be gutshot, be any different? We've turned away over $1000 in deer and wild hog processing in the last few days that were left overnight. Deer found in the morning or left in the back of trucks do not provide quality meat. Will it kill you if you eat it? Probably not, but the meat is not good flavor and often has to be discarded later. We pride ourselves in providing absolutely the safest and best tasting wildgame for you and your family. We need your business, but please understand when we won't take chances with your food.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brandon Phillips brought in an 11 point buck and a huge bobcat to mount!

You asked for it.... fully cooked applewood smoked hams that are sliced!

 We've had lots of folks asking if we could slice the smoked hams, so we've done it! We've got whole hams and halves cut into slices. In addition, we have center cut ham slices and whole uncut hams. Give us a call to reserve yours!  We'll be closed all day Christmas Eve and Christmas, so be sure to pick yours up by the 23rd. Give me a call if you have questions.
Still taking reservations for whole BBQ pigs for your holiday parties!
Cordray Farms
Cordray's Venison Processing
6708 County Line Rd.
Ravenel, SC 29470

It's not too late...

To turn this...

into this!

Bring those old antlers in and have an antler mount done complete with an engraved name plate telling when and where this buck was taken. If you get them to us by the 17th, we'll have it ready for you to pick up on the 23rd, just in time for Christmas!

Unsettled weather like last night's always brings out the big bucks! Brian Graack got this 8 point!

Robert Olsen brought in this big buck that his dad, Rolf Olsen, taught him how to kill :)