Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dennis Morgan brought in this nice gator!

Michael Nimmons and Andy Peake got this big one with Taylor Outdoors and Brad Taylor.

Jim Buenting

Todd Barrett got this 8 foot alligator this morning!

Cantey Smith's buck had a really interesting rack!

Patrick Peck got this nice buck this morning!

John Caddell's first deer was a 6 point! He brought a crowd to see the dunking!

Tim Jones got this buck with an unusual rack!

Rob and Kevin with a few more of their big gator.

Rob Harding's alligator was a big one!

Kevin Young and Rob Harding brought in a 12 footer that tipped the scales at 578 lbs!

Whit Smith got his first deer, a 10 point weighing 171 lbs. He got dunked with the help of his dad, Laddie Smith.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few more pics from the Strickland's big bull gator! 12 feet 6 inches long. 770 lbs.

Chase Cummins, Michael Strickland, and Robbie Strickland brought in this 770 lb. beast! Heaviest so far this year!

Peter Plott

Brian Graack

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My upcoming book, "This Cannot Be Normal..."

In the last 20 minutes, I've checked in a truck full of alligators - 30 feet or so, settled in a TV crew so they could film a commercial using our cows as backdrop, taken 2 deer processing orders - one from a lady who wanted the whole deer done in ham roasts???? -, and heard from a neighbor who is bringing her pygmy goat for me to castrate. Even for us, this is left of normal!

Always a good sign.... bigger than the truck!

5 alligators on the way - biggest 11.5 feet, 3 over 10 ft. Let the weekend madness begin!

Cornell Moore got this buck tonight!

Robin Funke got this 9.5 footer!