Monday, March 18, 2013

Ally Gerthoffer picked up her mount!

Craig Mack and his daughter made the trip out to pick up Craig's completed mount.

David Redd picked up this full sneak mount from Kenneth at Cordray's Taxidermy.

Ryan is sporting the Cordray's shirt all the way from Tanzania!

Hi there Cordray people,
I had the pleasure of 'meating' you folks last year in early December when we brought my first deer to your establishment for processing. I never got the chance to enjoy any of it unfortunately.
Anyway, I was presented with a Cordray's t-shirt and asked to send in a photo from Africa where I work. So you are in need of an apology from me because it has taken so long for me to send one. Better late than never they say. The photo attached is of me (in my t-shirt) holding a 53inch Cape Buffalo trophy.
Thank you, 

Send us your photos of you enjoying Cordray's products, wearing our shirts, or how you hung that gorgeous mount in its special place and we'll post them here!