Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some sad news... Suzy died this week from bone cancer.

Anyone who's been by our on-farm store has met Suzy. She truly was one of those dogs who never met a stranger... and if it was thundering or anyone in the Tri-County area was shooting guns or fireworks, she'd come get in your lap in the front seat of your car! She was 10 years old and we've had her since she was just a pup. She's the mother to Kate, the chocolate lab, who misses her terribly. It will be a while before we let our guard down eating outside as Suzy was often ready to snap up an unattended Honey Bun.  To Suzy, "unattended" meant below 4 feet. On this stormy afternoon, I look around at the little legacies she's left us. Teeth marks on the coffee table legs. No pointy ends on the front porch rockers. The frame torn off the front screen door where she tried to get in from fireworks. The peeled up steel edges of the storm door on the back door from a skeet shooting afternoon. The chain link dog pen she dragged off its concrete pad with her teeth, so she could scoot out the bottom and meet the rascal father of her 14 puppies. The broken edges of the pet door ( 7 inches by 7 inches) because Suzy was always sure that if she could just get her head in, she could surely get inside. Now why is it after all this, I just can't see through the threatening tears as I drive in and she's not there to greet me with her sloppy wet kisses?  I'm just glad there are no storms in heaven :)

Easter hams all sold out! We plan on having some applewood smoked bacon, though! Will post open hours next week!

Moving lots of finished mounts from the Taxidermy Shop to the showroom. Stay tuned for your pick up call!