Monday, December 31, 2012

FAQ: When do you stop taking in deer?

The season ends Jan. 1st. That's the last day we have a full crew in at night to skin and clean deer. We're working here the rest of the week and can take in field dressed deer and pieces 9 am to 7 pm. If you take hogs during the day after the 1st, give us a call to see if we can clean them for you.

January 5th is the Youth Hunt Day so we'll be open and can skin and clean deer and hogs 9 am to 9 pm.

January 12th is the Frozen Meat Day. All frozen meat is taken on one day. We'll take your clean wrapped frozen meat and process it for you. All orders will be ready for pick up on the following Saturday, January 19th, our last day of the season.

John Russel Fortenberry and John David Collins stopped by with a nice buck!

Mark Schaufler got inducted into the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame with the help of his dad, Bill.

Joel Goff got an 8 point!

Cissy Bonifay got a 7 point buck for her first deer!

Shawn Smith brought in his first deer and got dunked!

Austin Yearout

Rocky Bowers

FAQ: What are your times today and tomorrow? 9 to 9

2 hours, 4 hours! Do not let deer or wild hogs sit ungutted. IT WILL SPOIL even in the cool weather we are having.

You'd be surprised and perhaps horrified at what we hear. You can't set a carcass for the day in the shade or under a tarp or in a stream and expect that the meat will stay fresh. The good Lord put a skin covering on deer. It does what it is intended to do. It keeps the heat inside the animal. In order for you to have good quality meat- and have it processed here at Cordray's - you must remove the guts within 2 hours and get the carcass under some sort of refrigeration (ice in the body cavity counts) by 4 hours. Please don't be surprised if you leave all your deer or wild hogs until the last drive of the day and we refuse to take them for processing. It doesn't take  but a few minutes to field dress a deer and put some bags of ice into the body cavity. Looking forward to a busy last two days!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's working!

We're whittling away at the LIST!

These are left:
Mike Carlson
Austin Keese
David Lowry
Christopher Mauldin
Talbert Turner
James Smythe
Gus Covington
David McCormick
Travis Richter

Get in touch with them tomorrow!

Tim Wood brought in his first deer and joined the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame!

Matthew Crane brought in his first buck!

Conner Leary got his first deer tonight!

Marty Ritter joined the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame!

In a sign of the times Greg Dyer picked up this big buck and shed the antlers off in his hands!

Andrew Boyles

Charlie King got his first deer and got dunked with Jerry Ulmer.

Jack Meeks brought in a 10 point buck!

Luke Miles and his grandpa, Harold Owens, worked together to bring in this doe before the rush last night!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Williams Brothers' haul!

Do you know these folks? Call them and tell them you want their venison!

These folks still have meat orders here. It's possible that they've never gotten the message. Can you call them and let them know we're still holding it for them? We can't sell it to recoup our money. We need them to come and get it or give it to you!

Do you know these people? Call them!
Mike Carlson - Dorchester, SC
Drew Ensor - Moncks Corner
Austin Keese -
David Lowry, Johns Island - we didn't get a phone number for him.
Christopher Mauldin - Cottageville
Talbert Turner - Charleston
Toby Tyler- Johns Island
JT Smythe - Charleston
Gus Covington
David McCormick
Travis Richter

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Laura Bates celebrated her first deer and joining the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame with Brantley Williams.

Sam Lee brought in an 8 point weighing 145 lbs.

Kenneth Poole brought in this nice buck!

James Cuthbert brought his first deer in with his dad, Dubose Cuthbert.

DNR site updated for clarity: No deer hunting on Jan. 4th, Youth Day on Jan. 5th.

Free hunting days Jan. 4-5, 2013

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is proud to announce the first annual free hunting days Jan. 4-5, 2013. If you ever wanted to experience the thrill of hunting, the relaxation of spending time in the woods or the joy of a new adventure with family and friends, this is the time to get out there and see all South Carolina’s natural resources have to offer.
Please note that all existing seasons, bag limits and methods of take still apply so check the 2012-2013 Rules and Regulations for more information. The free hunt days do NOT extend deer or any other season.
There is a youth deer hunt day on Jan. 5. Youth 17 years of age and under can hunt deer as long as they are accompanied by a licensed adult 21 years or older. Only the youth may take or attempt to take game and license requirements are waived for the youth hunter.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The SC Free Hunting Days on the 4th and 5th DO NOT apply to deer hunting!

Deer season ends on January 1st. The state has a Youth Hunt day on January 5th.

From DNR site: Youth Deer Hunting Day, January 5th, 2013
* Limit 2 deer, either sex; no tags required; All WMA’s normally open to deer hunting except: Bear Island, Crackerneck, Donnelley, Draper, Fant’s Grove, Keowee, McBee, Palachucola, Santee Coastal Reserve, Santee Cooper, Hatchery, Webb, Bonneau Ferry, Hamilton Ridge and Botany Bay Plantation.
** For youth 17 years old and younger accompanied by a licensed adult 21 or older. No license required for youth.

Ronnie Silva got this nice late season buck!

Sarah became the second Timmons sister to bring in her first deer! Congratulations, Sarah!

Robert Lowery got his first deer!

Robert Cuthbert

Dixon Hubbard and Hub came in for Dixon's Cordray First Deer Hall of Fame!

Catherine Cuthbert and William Tallman celebrated Catherine's first deer, a 5 point!