Saturday, August 24, 2013

Watch your step! Folks are talking about lots of HUGE snakes they're seeing. Rain is moving them out into the few dry areas.

 Brian Myers shared this one with us. He was going to check his game camera. His buddy had his 8 year old daughter with him and forgot to check it so Brian did. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

WE GOT STRUCK BY LIGHTNING! All is ok except the credit card machine. :(

Please bring a check or cash if you are picking up today through Tuesday.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ross Marley had to track this one but he found him! He had 9 points and weighed 184 lbs.

Dustin Luckadoo and Dylan Luckadoo teamed up for a 6 point!

Henry Dingle got a big 9 point with no velvet!

Have you seen the September- October issue of SC Wildlife? Read "A Tale of Two Gators" by Rick Leonardi

Great article on their alligator hunt and a nice mention of us! Thanks for using our photo, too! Here's a few more of that big gator.

Calling folks now to remind you about picking up your deer and wild hog orders.

Orders from Thurs. 8/15 to Sat. 8/17 are due for pick up on Saturday, August 24th. (Smoked ham orders are due out Aug. 31) We'll hold your order for a week. After Aug. 31st, we'll begin charging $1 per day storage. Sorry to have to start enforcing this but hiring someone to call over and over is expensive! About 95% of our customers are great about picking up on time. If you're one of them, thank you! If not, please be prepared to pay $1 per day for us to store your orders until you can come by.

Steven and Chrissy English had a terrific night!