Friday, January 6, 2012

Last call for the missing persons!

 I know that I have a wrong number for at least one of these folks, so you'd be helping them out if you contact them to be sure that they know they still have an order here. You never know, they might be willing to give their unwanted order to you!

This is the law: "Deer processors should recognize that it is unlawful to sell deer meat to regain the processing fee for deer that have not been picked-up by the owner (50-11-1910). The best practice is to take a deposit for the processing service when the deer is left at the facility. If meat is not picked- up by the owner, it can be given to another individual at no charge."

David Stallworth
Justin Fogle

Mark Boyer
Jimmy Baldrick
Chris Molizon

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Expect a call soon! Our freezers are almost full...

As I mentioned, we had a record breaking last week of the season. All our processor friends are reporting lots of deer taken in the last few days. When the deer start pouring in, you really only have 2 choices. Some processors closed their gates and weren't open to take in any more deer. We chose not to do that. We promised we'd be here through the end of the season and we kept that promise. We started cutting deer on Sunday and have been at it pretty much nonstop since then. The freezer is almost full already. I will be calling you to pick up your order just as soon as we finish it. I really need you to come right away or send someone to get it. I know many folks like to wait until all their orders are complete to make the trip, but we need to make room right now. If you need to send someone to pick it up for you, I'll be glad to take your payment info. over the phone. We're here until 7 each night, but if you need us to be open later so you can come after work, we will. We've committed to taking in deer for the Youth Hunt on Saturday, Jan. 7th so we will be hard at it all week making room! Thank you so much for helping with this great problem to have!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brad Richardson brought in his first deer as our last deer of 2011!

Frank Bailey got his first deer ever on the last day of the season!

Billy Intini and Veronica got their first deer together. It was doe!

Counting down until the end of deer season.

Jacob Murray has gotten 3 deer this year. He is too young to drive , but not to hunt !

Well, it's official! We now have more deer hanging in the cooler than we've ever had in 20 years of deer seasons! With 360 deer waiting to be processed this week, I really need your help. If we've called you to pick up your order, please, please come get it today. We have to make room for all these new ones in that freezer! We are open until 9 tonight and until 7 every day next week through the youth day on Saturday. Thank you for a terrific end of the season!

Hugh Meredith got this 132 lb. 8 point!

Cassidy Melbo brought in her first deer and joined the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame!

Wyatt Melton

Robert Olsen, Andrew Olsen, and Owen Hecht