Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chris Clements got a 6 point!

Dodge Hindman didn't get in the photo, but he sent in this monster buck!

Matt Lukas 8 points

Billy Wise

Brent Williams brought in a 179 lb. buck!

Wills Baird

Eric Burn

Roger Lawrence

Randy Kirk

Bryan Williams brought in a monster buck!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pat Foster

Don Balderson's buck is the one to beat! 115.8 lbs.

Thomas Pritchard, 17.5 inside and 19 inches outside

Jacob Feight got inducted tonight for his first deer!

John Wood got his first deer tonight!

Coleman Warder got this big 6 point!

Hallie Siebels

Eddie Tudor got an 8 point!

Michael Tatar 7 point first buck!

Sam Bonner

Clark Higginbotham got a 7 point!

Michael Carr's 8 point has a dressed weight of 115.3. He's the buck to beat for the BUCK OF THE WEEK!

Michael Leahy, 169 lbs. with 169 lbs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Been timing Kenneth skinning deer... If a decent sized doe with a clean shot comes in, how long will it take to have it skinned and gutted - from the rack to the hook? Post a guess and if you're the first to post the correct time, he'll skin yours for FREE!

Rusty Winter's very first buck was an older gentleman. 9 points and 143 lbs.

Rick Bonner brought in a nice 8 point tonight!


BUCK OF THE WEEK (10/17 TO 10/23): $50 OFF deer or wildhog processing!

Each week we will announce the prize for the week. Anyone who has a deer skinned and processed here at Cordray's is automatically eligible to win. Winners are determined by the highest dressed weight of the week. You must claim your prize when you pick up your meat.

BUCK OF THE WEEK prize for 10/17 to 10/23

$50 OFF Deer or Wildhog Processing

Stay tuned to this blog to see if you are one of our 20 winners!

We will not have an overall yearly winner, just weekly winners. To receive your prize, you must pick up your meat within a week of the due date. If you have someone else pick up your meat, please be prepared for them to pick up your prize on that day. We are not able to hold prizes for you.
Week one: Will Freeman dressed wt.153.4
Week two: Jordan Singleton dressed wt. 129.8 lbs 
Week three: Adam Bernshausen dressed wt. 129.4  lbs.
Week four: Stanley Gamble dressed wt. 122.8 lbs.
Week five: Kaytlin Clark dressed wt. 124.4 lbs.
Week six: Danny Stewart dressed wt. 129.4 lbs.
Week seven: Ray Speights dressed wt.117.6 lbs.
Week eight: John Sparkman dressed wt. 113.6 lbs.
Week nine: Bert Sorin dressed wt. 130 lbs.

Hovey Aiken's big buck dressed to 100 lbs. and is the BUCK OF THE WEEK to beat going into this big hunting weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ernie Warder braved the rain for this big 8 point!

Rocky Bowers got an 8 point tonight!

Rick Horton proved big bucks like walking in the rain!

Jordan Patrick from Tail and Scale Outfitters shares his alligator meatball recipe!

If you were lucky enough to take a big alligator this season, you might just be wondering about alligator recipes. Jordan Patrick of Tail and Scale Outfitters stopped by with this one that he says keeps all his hunting clients coming back for more!

Make small (one inch) round meatballs of the sausage. Pan fry them until done. (Alligator meat does not "brown". It becomes a light grey color, but never really "browns" to a crunchy brown color.)
Place the cooked meatballs in a crock pot and cover with your favorite BBQ sauce. Jordan suggests Sticky Fingers brand. Cook on low until well heated through. They can also be cooked on low heat in a shallow pan in the oven. Either way, they're delicious!

Bubba Bair picked up his early season velvet buck mount!

J.D. Spearman got a 7 point yesterday! John Edward Griffith helped him show it off!

Kay Kierspe got this big fellow on Monday! He had 8 points!