Friday, September 20, 2013

Butch Bazzle got his first and second deer tonight and got dunked by Cody and Jessie Bazzle!

Jay Wooster brought in a BIG buck tonight!

Kelsey Pritchard was understandably happy over her 10 point!

Kevin Taylor had a beautiful 9 point!

Kathryn Lucas is all smiles!

Jerry Zajaczek got this big boy! Jerry was on the TV report yesterday, too.

And his wife, Amanda Pulliam-Lotito, got an even bigger one!

Chris Lotito got a big one!

Donnie Williams and Ralph Campbell made the TV but here's a few more with their BIG gator!

Jack Meeks brought in a 9 point weighing 128 lbs.

Bubba Bair's buck had 11 points!

Conley Bryan brought in an 8 point!