Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cordray's Taxidermy

Moving down the Cordray Farms Beef Shares' list!

Jean's putting the final touches on the vacuum sealed steaks that come with a Cordray Farms Beef Share! If you left a deposit in 2010 to receive a Beef Share, you should have heard from me by now via email or phone or both. We'll be here Saturday, Feb. 26th, from 9 to 6 for your pickup. I have one person that I don't have a phone number or email for. So, Charlie T., if you're listening...give us a call, your Share is waiting on you! Folks who've reserved a Cordray Farms Beef Side in 2010 will be next to hear from us!  If you've got questions or need to schedule a pick up appointment, just give us a call (843.766.7922).You can come by Saturday to pick up Cordray's Taxidermy orders, too, if you've been contacted. Kenneth's been calling his customers as soon as their mounts are complete.