Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where do you enjoy Cordray's snacks?

As we all get ready for the off-season, send us your photos of where you enjoy the goodies you've gotten from Cordray's this year! This one's of venison snack sticks at Table Rock.

Jesse Richardson

Danny Milleman got an 8 point buck on the last day!

Mark and Leanne Crane got a 5 point buck!

Billy Intini

Tim Jones got a 10 point buck!

Matthew Wooster

Alex Leonard got his first deer!

J.C. Darby got a 10 point!

Larry Weeks

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

PJ Hanckel brought in a piebald deer.

Cold weather sure moves the deer! 44 deer brought in within 2 hours last night!

These folks are still on the LIST... Can you help?

Thanks to you we've been whittling away at the LIST. These folks are still left. Can you contact them and let them know they've left a deer with us and not picked it up?

Edward Craven
Lauren Tillman
Calvin Edwards
Joseph Dennis
Lee Capps

From September:
Lawton Mattson

From October:
Gene Butler
Mark Logan
Jerald McCann
Brad Skipper

From November:
Carl Young
Perry Trouche
Glynn Guerry
Shelton Middleton
David Lawson
Myers Jordan
Kerry Howard

Early December - coming soon!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Susie Vacher got her first!

Will Kulseth, 8 point

Johnny Bartosh, 8 point,, 157 lbs.

David Mellard's 8 point weighed 135 lbs.

Bruce Melville got his first deer tonight, too! See the snow on the deer!

Virgina Lane got dunked to join the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame!

Did you notice that we only need 4 more people to "like" us on Facebook to have 1000! :)

Rusty Davis had an 11 point that weighed 154 lbs.

Bill Rosell brought in an 8 point buck!

Tee Parker and Ryan Clark got a nice 10 point!

Andrew Hethington's first deer helped him joine the Cordray's First Deer Hall of Fame!

Danny Tuten got an 8 point buck!

Jerry Gast with a 9 point buck!