Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do you know these people? Please help us find them!

We're trying to contact these folks to get them to pick up their meat or taxidermy. If you can help us find them, we'd sure appreciate it! They might just tell you that you can have it! Give them a call today.

Mike Carlson
Christopher Mauldin
Austin Keese
David Lowry - missing phone number
Eric Ricker
James Smythe
Gus Covington
David McCormick
Travis Richter

Today is the LAST day to bring in venison for the year! 9 am to 7 pm today

Taking in frozen meat today only! Next week will just be for picking up orders. We'll be closing for the season at 7 pm on next Saturday, January 19th.  Reopening August 15th.
(Wild hog hunters: If you take wild hogs during the off-season, you will need to skin and clean them and layer them with ice in a good cooler. Call us for an appointment and we will process the meat the next time we have a work crew in processing cattle. Skinning is not available during the off season.)

Friday, January 11, 2013

DONE! Unless you ordered a smoked ham, your orders from the last of the season AND the Youth Hunt Day are complete!

We are trying to get everyone called but don't wait on a call if you haven't heard from us! The only thing that will take a few more days is the whole smoked ham orders. They should be done by Tuesday of next week. We're open one more week until January 19th so come and get 'em!

I have two people for whom I don't have a telephone number.

David Lowry
Jay Swain

If you can get a message to them or send me their numbers, I know they'd appreciate it.

Gathering names for Cordray's Most Wanted! Stay tuned!