Saturday, November 5, 2011

Missing Persons from September: Billy Duttine and Cody Hobbs

Do you know these guys? We're trying to get in touch with them to tell them that we still have their orders from September. If you know them or even think you might, would you text them, call, email, or stop by and check on them to make sure that they know that we've finished the work they requested? We need them to come on by and pick it up!
*Why don't we just sell it? That's what car repair folks or other industries do if someone doesn't pick up. 
It's against the law in SC for us to recoup our processing costs by letting you pick it up and pay the processing costs. We just have to take a loss. Our only hope is that if these guys have changed their minds and don't want it, they'll give it to you. So get in touch with them!

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