Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It is NEVER cold enough here to leave a wild hog or deer in the field overnight and bring it in the morning!

If you can't get your animal to us in the evening, be sure to field dress it. (Open carcass right below the ribs and pull all the guts out.)   If it's going to get above 32 degrees, stuff some bags of ice in the body cavity to begin the cooling process. Think about it. At every beef and pork facility, animals are gutted, skinned, and cooled within 30 minutes of slaughter. Why should deer or wildhogs, especially ones that may be gutshot, be any different? We've turned away SEVERAL deer and a huge sow in the last few days that were left overnight. Animals found in the morning or left in the back of trucks do not provide quality meat. Will it kill you if you eat it? Probably not, but the meat is not good flavor and often has to be discarded later. We pride ourselves in providing absolutely the safest and best tasting wildgame for you and your family. Please understand when we won't take chances with your meat and will not process it for you.

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