Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cordray Farms Beef is ready!

Hello, Friends!
We are ready to take new orders for Cordray Farms beef shares and sides that will be available for pickup in 2 weeks.
Shares are 1/8 of a steer. They are about 55 to 60 lbs. and the cost is $4.95 per lb. For more information on what comes in a share, visit our webpage for details, http://cordrays.com/beef_shares.htm  To reserve yours, please send in your deposit of $100. Be sure to include your phone number on the check and we will call you to arrange a pickup appointment.
For the sides, you will need to send $200 for a deposit. We'll also need your phone number to call you for instructions on how to custom cut your beef. Sides weigh approximately 325-350 lbs. and are priced based on the precut weight at $3.25 per lb. All cuts are vacuum sealed and frozen, unless you specially request fresh, never frozen packaging and are available for immediate pickup.
Want more information on how we raise our all natural beef? Visit http://cordrays.com/Cordray%20Farms%20Beef.htm
We look forward to hearing from you!
Michael C.

Cordray Farms
Cordray's Venison Processing
6708 County Line Rd.
Ravenel, SC 29470

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S.F.X. said...

Michael and Claudia,
it was so good to see you guys yesterday. I had a great time feeding the calf (thanks!) and watching the chickens and goats. My husband was amazed by the quality and quantity of the meat when I brought it home, and we can't wait to throw some on the grill as soon as possible!
Thanks again for a great time!I'll be back!