Friday, October 17, 2008

The bucks are getting stupid!

Two stories heard over the desk:
One guy was walking up to his stand and shot the buck standing on the corn pile. His other stand was about a mile away, so he ventured on. He shot another big buck when he came to the next pile. He went back to the first stand and took a shot at a third one and missed!

Another guy was in white shorts and a white T-shirt and killed a huge buck with a bow. It walked right out in front of him.

The full moon has them moving in daytime. We've had 4 or 5 nice bucks in each morning. The cool weather and rain should keep them moving early next week.

Bucks are wandering singly now. Interestingly, we are seeing some in complete rut mode, necks swollen, smelling strong, and others who are just beginning. We have customers from a pretty large geographical region, but it has been surprising how scattered the signs are.

These two came in during the mornings, Rawling Pratt-Thomas and Stephen Ostapeck.

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